Monday, May 3, 2010

Three years tomorrow, May 4

Well tomorrow May 4 it will be my three years of when the Bells Palsy first hit and I was medi vaced out by the EMT's (not too fun). Three years later I fianaly have more eneregy and feel that I have a healthy glow again.It has taken three years to be able to see all of my teeth again when I smile, I'm still working on trying not to close my eye when I smile or talk. It sure takes a lot conscious thought to isolate those nerves and stimulate facial memory. I know I may be at the end of more possible recovery but I believe the nerves may still have a little more left.

I found that if I stayed on the electrical stimulation via PT or acupuncture it can have an adverse affect and actually go in another direction similar to a jokers smiles. So I tried to take breaks in between then aggressively exercise those areas again and it has seemed to work pretty darn good. I still am not too fond of pictures of myself, it's hard to get use to my one eye being smaller than the other, but I am still very lucky to have finally discover what was wrong with me and that the BP was only a symptom to a much bigger problem. In fact today I was thinking how lucky I am and how I love my life.

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    Good Luck & God Bless