Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Negative Results in Lymes testing

Negative results for Lymes testing can be a result or other medications that you are taking that are making the Lymes hide in your cells, such as Antiviral medications and Steroids. This can also be a result of not having enough magnesium in your body. Stress depletes magnesium levels, as does chronic pain or illness, diarrhea, thyroid disorders, gluten intolerance, food allergy reactions, caffeine and sugar.

If your magnesium defiant
This just causes the bacteria to convert to a cyst form and wait indefinitely - while your body becomes significantly weakened and impaired from the deficiency. Increasing magnesium intake causes cyst forms to convert back to spirochetes to retrieve the magnesium, which is more readily available in the bloodstream, allowing them to be attacked by antibiotics or other treatment protocols.

Reasons Why A Seronegative Test Result Might Occur
Tom Grier, Lyme Alliance

1. Recent infection before immune response

2. Antibodies are in immune complexes

3. Spirochete encapsulated by host tissue (i.e. lymphocytic cell walls)

4. Spirochete are deep in host tissue

5. Blebs in body fluid, no whole organisms needed for PCR

6. No spirochetes in body fluid on day of test

7. Genetic heterogeneity (300 strains in U.S.)

8. Antigenic variability

9. Surface antigens change with temperature

10. Utilization of host protease instead of microbial protease

11. Spirochete in dormancy phase

12. Recent antibiotic treatment

13. Recent anti-inflammatory treatment

14. Concomitant infection with babesia may cause immunosuppression

15. Other causes of immunosuppression

16. Lab with poor technical capability for Lyme disease

17. Lab tests not standardized for late stage disease

18. Lab tests labeled "for investigational use only"

19. CDC criteria is epidemiological, not a diagnostic criteria

Bells Palsy what Doctors don't tell you

I really didn't want to have any photos of myself during this time, especially since the doctors said that I would never recover. I only started to have a tinniest amount of improvement 3 months after I first got the Bells. These photo's were about 5 months into it. I was still horribly exhausted but was starting to think I might be able to finally blink and needed to take a photo so I could see for myself. What I was actually doing was rolling my eye up. You can see I was trying really hard to close my eye.

What doctors don't tell you or maybe they don't know is that 60% of Bells Palsy patients actually have Lyme disease.

The Bells Palsy effect is the Lyme moving into the Acute or Chronic stage. Many doctors especially out here on the West Coast don't know much about Lyme or even give it merit.

If you have Bells Palsy you need to have a good Lyme test to rule it out, even then you may not have an accurate test. I had two negative tests.

If you have Bells Palsy they may want to put you on anti viral medications or steroids. One or both of these will contribute to a negative result for a Lyme test. Standard testing is not recommend. This means the testing that you get where the results come back in three days. You need extensive testing (a FULL PANEL test) test # 6040 from Igenex 800.832.3200 you can have the test sent to you and Igenex will pay for the test to be sent back return shipping the cost is approx $ 450. But other tests are "really worthless" and produce huge numbers of false negative and false positives. For more information you can do a google search.

The results from the Igenex testing take about three weeks to return, then hopefully your doctor has an idea of how to read them. Get a copy for yourself and look at the numbers if you see any ( + ) instead of a ( - ) there is something going on with you. If you see ( IND ) next to the numbers that should cause pause. Your doctor may see ( IND & - ) and say you are negative. But the (IND ) indicates you may need further testing. This means a small coarse of antibiotics then retest in a couple of weeks to allow for a possible die-off that can then be measured in testing, this may be another blood or possible urine test.