Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where do the ones you love go?

It is a very sad thing when the ones you love the most have know idea of what you are going through and make you feel horrible for ever being sick. Even when you try to function with a freakn picc-line, and try to do as much as you can for them it's still is not enough for them. Do they come by or call when your in your depths of your survival to offer support, No.

Then when try to get your life back and return to work to make money to pay for all of your medication and treatments and rebuild the thousands and thousands of dollars you have spent (depending on how long you have had the disease). Your still not giving enough to them.

One thing about this disease it really teaches you about boundaries and how stress can be detrimental to your survival. You learn to eliminate or reduce any unnecessary drama. It's so sad how selfish and unsympathetic friends or family can be, when you are not able to be on their demand and to give to them. Then when you feel better and think you can start to show them how much you love them it is still not enough.

When you have Lyme there is no vacation from this creature that's living inside your body. IT IS WAR and a constant battle....and perhaps the biggest lesson in this battle is that YOU need to be number one and your priority...on that note, thank you Lyme for that lesson.


  1. For those who have no known true pain or suffering, the type that rips at your mind, body, and sole, they can never truly have empathy for those who have. People will always abuse what they know they have, and it is not until it is gone from their lives, that people start to reflect on the loss they have created for themselves, or what has been taken from them. For people who survive the gauntlet of hurtles life throws at them, it is how they survive, which makes them who they are. Struggle is life lesion of personal growth, and empathetic development. A transition point for one to fight for the pursuit passion, love, and personal dreams, and remove the poison from their lives that originally caused the pain.

  2. I went through this as well and I continue to go through this. Unless someone has been through this, it is very hard to understand. I live with my boyfriend and he does try his very best. My family tries to be supportive, but they don't understand. I find myself more and more isolated over time because I don't like to talk about how I feel. I never feel 100% even after so much treatment. Most of the time, I live with some of the permanent problems lyme caused me. But I get sick a lot with other illnesses because it seemed to have really screwed up my immune system.......
    Anyhow, thanks for sharing this.....