How it started

Before I really had the classic clear symptoms. I would make mistakes when filling orders (i thought I would fire me if I was my employer). I felt like I could not complete sentences ( it was like the brain fog you have after kids) I thought I was maybe having early Alzheimer's ???? I couldn't remember where to start when teaching a workshop, I would use other words than the ones I wanted to when talking - I thought oh that's okay, it's the artist in me. I started slipping and banging into things, I didn't have a good concept of where my body ended and an object began. as it started to really progress I felt off, I had a pain that started in my left knee traveled to my right, up my hip, to my back then neck...I thought I should see a doctor but didn't know what to tell them, thought I had some kind of virus moving through my body. had really bad headaches for about a week but Advil took care of it, started getting more exhausted, could turn my neck so well thought I was just getting older, then I thought maybe I had meningitis but I could touch my head to my chin so I knew it wasn't that. My neck start to make crunching sounds, you know like if you are getting a kink out.

then my left ear all of a sudden hurt but not like an earache, inside but not by the drum, then other headache, - that was the beginning of the Bells palsy and the nerves started to get paralyzed. I felt like I was hit in the head with a bat, unbelievable pain, they put me on steroids which is not good for Lyme and helps to hide it if you are tested, it goes on and on....etc
the next year I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid / Graves disease and I thought - this just can't be right, I am a health person and there is something seriously wrong, again another false negative Lyme test the meds for the hyperthyroid / Graves disease helped but where only masking the symptoms of the problem. They wanted to kill my thyroid, but I had a cousin that said whatever you do don't let them do that if at all possible, thank god i listened.

It does go on and on and is a long story. But many of the symptom I had were classic and they never paid attention to them or to what I and my husband were saying, we suspected Lyme but the docs were not interested and said it is not in our area. That is why I am so passionate about letting others know and try to help them inform themselves. you can always visit my BP/Lyme blog for more updates and information :)