Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Acupuncture for Bells Palsy

You can't really do much for Bells palsy, except get rest, take antiviral meds and steroids but that is still debatable. If you are on these meds if you get a Lymes test it will come back negative and not give you an accurate result. Again 60% of Bells Palsy patents have Lymes and you should only get a test where they do extensive testing 3 weeks of culture not a quickie 3-day test. Once paralyzed you need to try to stimulate the nerves again, my neurologist said I would never get better since I was past the timeline they give for recovery - 3 months. I told her at 3 months I was just starting to get a tiny tiny bit of nerve recovery. Nerve recovery can still happen up to 2 possibly 3 years. To help that along acupuncture or PT electrical stimulation is helpful.

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  1. Good to know about Acupuncture for Bells Palsy. I am glad that it works and I will also be trying it from some local acupuncturist Mississauga. I have also tried various things for it and had disappointment. Hoping that acupuncture will help me too!