Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wavy hair on one side of my head

The crazy thing about being so sick over the last three years is my really straight hair is now starting to get wavy "and" it is all on one side of my head (lovely). My hair has always been so straight that it never held a curl, but now it's wavy but it is only on one side of my head the side that was affected by the Bells palsy. I don't know if it is from the illness or antibiotics but it a huge change, (oh I am sure that would look nice if I had a hair cut.)

Before I got the BP I noticed I was loosing hair and had no idea why, I felt like a shedding dog, the hair lose was incredible. A year after the BP I came down with graves disease and it made sense that the hair lose was from that, but the Graves disease, Bells palsy, hair lose, memory problems, stiff neck and knees were all symptoms of Lyme Disease.