Friday, May 28, 2010

Osteopath and Bells Palsy

Went to see an osteopath doctor today for other reasons but we talked about my Bells Palsy. As he was working on me he started to work on my face. My face is still sort of swollen from the trauma of the BP and has been like that for years. It's better and nowhere near as bad as it was but it is still there.

When he started to work on my jaw and the inside of my cheek I could not believe the intensity of pain I still had. Tears were welling up in my eyes and I had to take a break and a breath occasionally but the fascinating thing is that I knew he was doing exactly what needed to be done.

I have been feeling new twinges and perhaps new nerves are waking back up, but they have been bunched up for such a long time that it makes sense that they need to be carefully released and gently stretched so the channels can be opened and the nerves relax again.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where do the ones you love go?

It is a very sad thing when the ones you love the most have know idea of what you are going through and make you feel horrible for ever being sick. Even when you try to function with a freakn picc-line, and try to do as much as you can for them it's still is not enough for them. Do they come by or call when your in your depths of your survival to offer support, No.

Then when try to get your life back and return to work to make money to pay for all of your medication and treatments and rebuild the thousands and thousands of dollars you have spent (depending on how long you have had the disease). Your still not giving enough to them.

One thing about this disease it really teaches you about boundaries and how stress can be detrimental to your survival. You learn to eliminate or reduce any unnecessary drama. It's so sad how selfish and unsympathetic friends or family can be, when you are not able to be on their demand and to give to them. Then when you feel better and think you can start to show them how much you love them it is still not enough.

When you have Lyme there is no vacation from this creature that's living inside your body. IT IS WAR and a constant battle....and perhaps the biggest lesson in this battle is that YOU need to be number one and your priority...on that note, thank you Lyme for that lesson.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bells Palsy is a Symptom of LYME

I have just been reminded how many of my new friends have had, have or know someone with Bells Palsy and not too surprisingly these friends are being diagnosed with Lyme and most times, months or years later.

If you have or know someone with BP and they are extremely fatigued, had BP more than once among many other symptoms I will just about guarantee you that they have LYME. The longer it goes undiagnosed the longer the treatment

It's tick time ... and Yes those little poppy seed ticks can devastate your life. If you suspect you may have it don't take a negative test as your final result most tests have a false negative rating, and you truly need to see a LYME literate doctor ...personally I would not see an infectious disease doctor they use different guidelines, shorter treatments and I have seen too many chronic cases as a result.

Yes this get's me fired up ....too many suffering people and too many uneducated doctors, telling many of you that your crazy, this does't happen, you don't live in a Lyme area, blah blah blah that is why we need each other.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Three years tomorrow, May 4

Well tomorrow May 4 it will be my three years of when the Bells Palsy first hit and I was medi vaced out by the EMT's (not too fun). Three years later I fianaly have more eneregy and feel that I have a healthy glow again.It has taken three years to be able to see all of my teeth again when I smile, I'm still working on trying not to close my eye when I smile or talk. It sure takes a lot conscious thought to isolate those nerves and stimulate facial memory. I know I may be at the end of more possible recovery but I believe the nerves may still have a little more left.

I found that if I stayed on the electrical stimulation via PT or acupuncture it can have an adverse affect and actually go in another direction similar to a jokers smiles. So I tried to take breaks in between then aggressively exercise those areas again and it has seemed to work pretty darn good. I still am not too fond of pictures of myself, it's hard to get use to my one eye being smaller than the other, but I am still very lucky to have finally discover what was wrong with me and that the BP was only a symptom to a much bigger problem. In fact today I was thinking how lucky I am and how I love my life.