Friday, February 20, 2009

Sorry to hear about your Lyme's

Hi Judith

Yes heat is better for her the little buggers don't like heat or sweating. Lymes is very complicated and so many doctors don't seem to have a clue what they are doing. I had two negative tests and my doctors didn't diagnose it, even though it was a classic case. It was one of my students that told me of the right lab to get tested at -and even after that my doctors didn't know how to interpret the test. It has been a very long rough road of obstacles. I came down with bells palsy May 4 2007, 60% of Bells Palsy patients have Lymes the statistics show is usually take an average of 7 doctors and 22 months before it is diagnosed.

Long term antibiotic are really the only thing you can do for it, since August 2008 I am on 3 major antibiotics along with allot of immune builders, probiotics and IV's twice a week. On Christmas day 2008 I took a nose dive in which prompted me to let the workshop organizations know what was happening - I really thought I would be better by then. (But no). Since January 2009 I have had more energy than I have had in 2 1/2 years (It is very to keep down and this knocked my socks off) I thought I would never quite get my life back (but I am doing much better now).

There are some things your sister-in-law should know about if she doesn't already. I don't know how long they kept her on antibiotics, standard treatment is 4-6 weeks (which is fine if you catch it immediately and in the first stage but it progresses rapidly) the disease comes and goes so not having symptoms is not a good gage on how the disease is doing.

She should look into a "CD57 test" other wise known as a "Stricker panel" that will give her a better idea of how bad it is. normal is between 60-360 around 150 they know you have been infected mine after 5 months of antibiotics was still at 19 (not good) but for some reason I am still doing better than some others with better numbers. For More information

She is always welcome to contact me if she would like someone to talk or would like to see if I have a little more information than she has. She does need an integrative medicine doctor that understands what to do to build the immune system while fighting the Lymes. anyway as you can see I could go on and on.. it has been a very difficult long road with doctors not really having that much information, so many people feel hopeless and depressed even myself for quite a long time if I can help in anyway let her know I am available.

Wishing you all the best

>Subject: Sorry to hear about your Lyme's
>Birgit, after emailing you a few minutes earlier, I read about your problems
>with Lyme's. So, so sorry to hear about that. By now, I am hoping you are
>a little more along with your treatment. My sister-in-law was diagnosed
>with it also but I don't think she has been as sick as you although she
>seems to have had continuing health problems down through the last few
>years. She has found relief in the warmth of Florida and they live there
>And I did find out that you will be in North Carolina; that is if all goes
>well. Time will tell, as they say. Judith T.