Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm In Remission

Got the word the other day that I am done with my treatment and that I am in remission.

I have been symptom free for almost a year, so I have the okay to resume my life without antibiotics. I am still supporting my immune system with many of the supplements I was taking. I just had another full panel test and at least my body is now starting to rec zone this as a problem and has started to kick in to fight. This doesn't mean I can't get it again or have another bout with it but it does mean I have fought a good war and am on the winning side.

I am trying to keep my stress level down, meaning that some things that use to bother me are really not that important and prioritize what really is. It's funny how I can now see things that when people want to engage in a trivial issues how unimportant it is.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much that I have been able to share and help others. I believe attitude is everything. It is really tough to keep your head up and keep on fighting when you think it will never end, and it is so very sad when many of your loved ones really do not have a clue of what you are going though and think that all of your doctor appointments are unnecessary and a waste of time and money. But they don't have the information or education on this subject and there is no easy answer or quick fix. If you only treat the symptoms and not the problem it will continue to be an issue.

In any case I'm in Remission !!!