Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bells Palsy is a Symptom of LYME

I have just been reminded how many of my new friends have had, have or know someone with Bells Palsy and not too surprisingly these friends are being diagnosed with Lyme and most times, months or years later.

If you have or know someone with BP and they are extremely fatigued, had BP more than once among many other symptoms I will just about guarantee you that they have LYME. The longer it goes undiagnosed the longer the treatment

It's tick time ... and Yes those little poppy seed ticks can devastate your life. If you suspect you may have it don't take a negative test as your final result most tests have a false negative rating, and you truly need to see a LYME literate doctor ...personally I would not see an infectious disease doctor they use different guidelines, shorter treatments and I have seen too many chronic cases as a result.

Yes this get's me fired up ....too many suffering people and too many uneducated doctors, telling many of you that your crazy, this does't happen, you don't live in a Lyme area, blah blah blah that is why we need each other.

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