Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My best friend has it too

Just to let you know how prevalent Lymes is, to our surprise I just found out today that my best friend also has Lymes. She was bitten by a tick in December and at that time she described it as black tick with a red hale low around it's rump, I told her that sounded lick the deer tick and told her some of the symptoms to watch out for the next month.

About 2 week later she started with a little nausea, sore throat, sinus problems then fatigue, and she felt as if she had a little cold but it didn't seem to go away. She sounded congested but then it started to hit her jaw, ear, then having slight headaches. She went to the doctors they didn't give it much merit, after watching everything I have gone through and listing to what I have said about the disease she insisted on starting a short coarse of antibiotics - just in case. I then took her to my doctor where she explained her symptoms, they decide to test her through Igenex.

Since so many tests come back with false negative results a short coarse of antibiotics can really help before testing. The antibiotics create a die off which then shows up much better during testing. If you have a negative Lymes test but still have symptoms retesting after a coarse of antibiotics is helpful and may give you different results.

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