Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Looks like an IV shunt

After being on oral antibiotic for 6 months and numerous CD57 tests I am still have a reading of 19. I thought I was doing much better, had more energy and thought I might be beating this thing. But to my disappointment after my doctors appointment today the reality of having to do an IV shunt is upon me.

I guess it was a good thing that I postponed many of my out of state workshops (still not happy about it). Yesterday I thought -since I was feeling better that maybe I could contact many of the organizations to see if we could still do the workshops this year but then with the test results today everything has changed again, the problem is the unknown and not knowing what to expect.

All I think about is that I am grateful for where I am at in my recovery, I can blink my eye (which is huge- didn’t need a gold weight in my eyelid which was a possibility) I have some movement in my face again, I can finish a sentence, the headaches and muscle and joint pain is minimal, multitask better, not sleep all day, have more energy and hopefully trying to build muscle tone again.

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