Friday, April 10, 2009

Got the IV appoinment

I am on a break with the Ceftin for about 6 weeks trying to wake up the limes again, so we can then blast them with IV antibiotics. Don't know how long that will last - at the minimum 2 months but more likely 4-6 months. I'm still on the Azithro and Mepron for the coinfection while on the brake. Got a call yesterday that they weren't going to schedule my IV do to not having enough picc nurses in the county. Got another call today have an appointment for the IV on the 28 what a roller coaster, one minute upset not having an appointment the next the reality of it happening and just wanting to break. Humor is what keeps me going, I found when talking to someone that is unreasonable just say picc line and they run away how amazing is that!

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