Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do I really have Lymes?

Sometimes I think, maybe they were wrong...maybe I don't have Lymes / Babesia. I did have two negative tests but then I think about my symptoms in the beginning of 2007 brain fog, I felt like I couldn't complete a sentence, wondering if I was having early Alzheimer’s, why were my muscles getting so weak, loosing my hair like a shedding dog. I couldn't multi task all I could do was focus on one think at a time.

I was afraid that I couldn't teach anymore, I didn't remember how-. I didn't have the energy for the long walks on the beach or the field like I use to take, not to mention the funny joint pain, headaches (living on Advil for a couple of weeks before the onset) then came the facial palsy and sheer exhaustion, I could barely get off the couch or out of bed. All I could do was sleep for months I couldn't see very well and barely make to my acupuncturist or neurologist and back home again. So yes I guess I really have it, even with test results showing me hat I do and it is very bad it is still hard to believe. I am in the bigger picture doing really well and much better than many others with higher CD57 counts than I have - hard to figure.

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