Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Steroids and Lyme Disease a recipe of disaster

Steroids and Lyme Disease a recipe of disaster  A must read article regarding Lyme and steroids

"Steroid Disaster"
Corticosteroids suppress the immune system, the last thing a Lyme patient needs is to lower immunity. Can you imagine, your body trying hard to fight off the spirochete bacteria and suddenly and immunosuppressants is introduced, "freezing" your immune system, rendering it unable to battle, giving great advantage now to the Lyme bacteria to spread and go wherever it wants and it does!

Corticosteroids can last in the body for months, usually around 6 months. With LD this gives many months for the bacteria to spread, possibly cause damage & according to Dr. Burrascano the prognosis can be much worse.  For the full article and critical information visit


  1. Lyme disease is an infection that is spread by ticks. They spread the disease in the Northeast and Midwest. They spread the disease along the Pacific coast, mostly in northern California and Oregon.

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  2. Given the high cost of treatment, difficulty of diagnosis and the controversy of over prescribing antibiotics for Lyme patients, the following list aims to educate people about things they can do on their own. According to anecdotal research and personal testimonials, these herbs and lifestyle additions have helped many and cured some.

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