Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bells Palsy and SEVEN negative lymes tests before ....

I just recived this comment on an older post I have (January - 2009) and thought that you all should read this in case you missed it. Why am I sharing it here? ....beacuse this happens -A LOT ! If you have a child or your an adult that comes down with Bells Palsy - you need to consider Lyme disease, 60% of all BP patients really have Lyme. Bell Palsy is one of the symptopms of Lyme.

For a more complet list on sympotoms visit this link  

From Jessica
I had bells palsy years ago, and had SEVEN negative lymes tests before going to a neurologist who finally found out I was in 3rd stage lymes disease. It is such an embarrassing horrible thing. Especially at the age of 14 when I had gotten it. But yes....CANNOT STRESS ENUF about repetitive testing. If I didn't agree to finally get a spinal tap, would have taken years longer or never have known and maybe died.
I DID finally recover,after months of staying in the house and hiding from my teenage friends. (I was a ballet dancer and competiton cheerleader- neither of which I would do looking like that)
I still remember going from doctor, and my mother just sitting up at nite crying because she didn't know what was wrong with her only. child... it got to a point where I thought I would b like that forever and got very suicidal. (Which I an positive has something to do w lymes also. I was a VERY positive child and all of a sudden was going from As and Bs to Ds and Fs in school. PLEASE PLEASE KNOW THAT THERE IS RECOVERY.... I AM 100% BETTER NOW, and a happy healthy 34year old women. Good luck to u all and my prayers are wu 

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  1. I was diagnosed with lyme in 2001 but it was not until approx 3 years later when a mainstream Dr gave me prednisone, that I was suddenly stricken by Bells palsy. I learned after that lyme patients should never receive steroids which can crush the immune system and cause new lyme symptoms. Not only do I still have Bells but the right side of my face (bells side) pulls and aches. If you drem a line from the top of my nose down to my chin, that entire right side is effected by a pulling down and the pulling gets more intense during the evening. Sometimes the pain is so intense that I put a cream on it made up of lidocane and gabaphentin. Recently I was given a script for a liquid called Pennsaid which is a type of NSAID and seems to be working better than the other.