Monday, April 2, 2012

Letter from Lyn

Nine years ago I was infected. I knew I was and my doc--federal government--refused to believe me. Over the next 9 years I became sicker and sicker, and was labeled all sorts of psychiatric dx's--"no, you're not must be, that that, must be them", which will dx's will follow me into eternity. I test negative on Western Blot, as many other sufferers do. My doc in USA isolated a biofilm which may be caused by mosquito--some insect anyway and finally I get an antibiotic which I will take for my lifetime, and am prone to infections--I've had a week-duration flue twice since Christmas, and the 24-hour kind once. My doc, who says no one has been cured yet, has a lab and studies ticks from all over; here is the website but clinically I have 100% Lyme. Doc Fry said the antibiotic kills it too. Very slow recovery. My sis died from Lou Gerihig's at 57 and Doc Fry says that is looking like an insect-borne infection too, "maybe two". Difficult to find a doc who is sympathetico to something they cannot see--my docs 'saw' a "low level" infection which they attributed to "you arthritis". I have Osteoarthritis which is not an infection, but it was a good excuse for them.

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