Friday, June 18, 2010

What is Normal Now?

I have been off of the antibiotics now for the Lyme treatment for 8 months. I have been feeling really pretty good but do get a little paranoid when unusual things start to happen like being a little dizzy, tired, bruising etc. I am not sure now what is normal and what might be the early signs of another outbreak. before I left for my trip (teaching working on painting) I had more testing, (I believe it's a good idea to stay in contact with your doctor and try to stay ahead of any potential problems). When I returned we went over the tests. As it turns out my thyroid is mostly normal but it looks like it has some elevated levels as if I am having some immune issue thinking about starting up again or if if I was wheat intolerant that would not be unusual but all of those tests look fine and I don't feel any different when after I have eaten wheat. I think in general it is much better to stay away from wheat but it is SO difficult when traveling and teaching it is almost just too much to think about then because at that time it is a marathon of traveling and teaching (I thought this trip would be a good test for me to see how I held up and boy was I an exhausted mess when I returned).

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