Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling low

I guess I am feeling a little low right now, just had the full panel and co-infection tests which will take about three weeks for the results. In general I have been doing really well but had a nasty headache last night which seems to be cycling every 3-4 weeks this could be a coincidence or possibly hatches. I would normally not worry about it but the headaches and while on my last trip dizziness (which might have been from being tired or needed more water) and my speech a little slurry I want to be on top of it instead of waiting for it to get really bad. I hope I am over reacting but the physiological bump was having the low CD57 at 14, the lowest it has ever been, maybe it will never go higher or their is another unseen problem or co-infection. The current tests can not diagnose all co-infections.

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