Friday, June 18, 2010

Low CD57

We just wen over my test results and my CD57 is at 14. For the lat two years it has been at 19 with an occasional 30 and one time 57 (boy that was exciting). The normal range should be between 60-360 and anything lower is considered severe and chronic. I am usually devastated when I receive this information of a low CD57 but perhaps I am not terrible surprised any longer, just really disappointed. I feel really good, have a lot more energy than many other people with much higher and normal CD57's so what's up with that.

Our next step is to run some of the original testing through IGENEX a full panel #6040 test along with a co-infection panel and also run the new (LTT-MELISA® test for Lyme disease) from Germany so see if I still have an active infection. Will know more in about a month when I get the results.
CD57 information

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