Thursday, January 26, 2012


Please sign this petition.It is so important to millions of people suffering from chronic Lyme disease and their caregivers.

Most doctors have to adhere to IDSA guidelines in fear of the possibility of loosing their license US & Canada (not so much in CA)

Insurance companies do not have to pay much if anything due to the fact that they are only suggested guidelines - leaving the patient with only enough treatment if any to make their condition chronic.

Since some insurance companies pay only a small portion or treatment the out of pocket expense to the patient is enormous. Length of time to Diagnosis Average cost
Less than 6 months $ 34,000
7-12 months $ 68,000
More than 12 months $ 92,000

Most people have no idea that they even have the disease until they are in the late stages of Lyme. It is an average of 7 doctors and 21 months before it is even suspected. I my case it was 1 1/2 years even though I suspected it and requested testing - but they doctors thought it's not here in CA or West Marin. Leaving me to get sicker and sicker and the final cost over $ 150, 000

There are different rules of thought of how to approach treatment, it is extremely difficult to find which one is going to work the best for each patient it really pretty much depends on how long it has gone undiagnosed - the long the time, the longer the treatment

Sometimes I think they just through the tick away - I know out here they don't even send the tick in any longer since they think that it is rare to get it.

I met a nurse practitioner out here and of coarse I had to bring it up as to why they don’t investigate it when a person some symptoms - her response was that they are told that they do not have the nor money to deal with it - needless to say - I was not impressed and I will just leave it there.

One thing that happens by the time you come down with any of the symptoms you may not even remembered that you were bitten – and the sequence of symptoms can happen in such a way that you would not put the two together. Sign the Petition

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