Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Update

To be honest with you - it was an incredible battle to get where I am now.

I approached it as war and not to let up, I thought I would never recover and that it was the end of my world, my life and career. My decision was to go after this full throttle and made the decision that nothing will have the best of me. When possible I was teaching even with a pic-line due to how expensive the treatment is for this disease.

I am in remission - but it is always on my mind and very aware, I don't forget where I have been and hope to share the journey with others in hopes that it can help just one other person. There were times where I thought -God- if I was in a accident or some other event, I just didn't have the energy to pull through it, the fighting takes it's toll. I have always tried to stay positive laughing at the craziness, and the difficulty (still lots and lots of tears and how hard ridiculously hard the fight is to get the right treatment, I even the lab tech that had me in tears because she thought the testing I was having was not necessary - you know what, that is not her job and she was only a tech not a doctor.)

If possible you truly need an advocate but someone that truly understands the disease but how do you find one - so in reality your have to find own way through and it is not easy.

I came to a point where I thought I am done with this disease and "I am not my disease" and not to fall into the victim role which is easy to do after fighting for so long and so hard it has been almost 2 years now and I am doing great, I am making plans for the future and making commitments years in advance and have decided if I end up wit any problems I will deal with the then and not to live in fear.

So many people are afraid to say that they have this disease I am not sure what anyone is afraid about - being labeled what? and I think that is part of the problem because many people still think it is only an east coast problem.

Symptoms - You name it I had it, along with the co-infection of babesia I could have easily listened to the main stream doctors and turned my life over to them and if I did I would not be where I am now.

As far as my Bells Palsy it's going on 5 years years I still try to isolate my muscles and work with the occasionally - it's about 95% better if you didn't know me you would think that is what I always looked like - but alas it is not, I feel fortunate to have what I have and it is pretty darn good. Remember if you are only consider about your face there is always someone else that has it worse.

Nothing about this disease is easy. I wish you all the best and I am here

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  1. Dear Birgit,
    Thank you so very much for keeping on through all this! You are an incredible artist, teacher and life force. I am inspired by your work, Birgit! That you have and are continuing to create, to teach & travel...and all this is possible because you carried on to regain your health. You kept going, you are succeeding to live fully. And with all this, you are sharing your research, experiences, and insights with your innate generous nature, helping others. I am so happy to learn that you are enjoying beautiful Sedona & will continue to experience natural beauty in this world! And all the while, you contribute so very much to the Universe. Thank you so much, Birgit for keeping on no matter what, for being the amazing spirit that you are!
    With utmost respect, admiration, love & gratitude,
    Christine Dougherty