Saturday, August 29, 2009

About the Lyme test

First you'll need a test kit from IGENEX I would do the #6040 full panel test, you will need a doctors order to have the blood draw. Once you have that you can have the draw at any lab - but not all labs send the test back to IGENEX. If they don't you will need to FeEX it yourself or go to Hunter or LabCorp double check that they will send the blood to IGENEX. you will need to follow the trail to make sure it gets to the right lab.

testing take about 3 weeks, the results then goes to your doctors office, you will need to follow up and get a copy for yourself - not all doctors know how to read the test. Once you have the results you can call the lab if needed and talk to Dr Harris to go over them. If it tests negative don't get too comfortable yet, the next step would be to possibly have a dose of antibiotics then have a Urine test. If your Lymes test is positive I would then have another blood test the #5080 (I think that is the number I would have to double check) confection test.

Here is my Lymes blog
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If you do have Lymes short term antibiotics don't work, you need to make sure the doctor you choose knows about long term antibiotic and continues even after for a little while after they think it is gone, you also need to make sure that the doctor knows about co-infections when choosing the doctor

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