Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finally some good news

Finally some good news - my numbers are starting to change and I have them on the run! but still have a long ways to go. My CD57 otherwise called the Stricker panel has gone up from 19 to 57 I still have a ways to go to get to 200 but I have a glimmer of hope again

Thank you for your support - what a long road, I was starting to think I might need alternative plan, it was suggested by some doctors to start thinking about Stanford or UCSF, but for now I am very happy with my current treatment. - (as happy as one can be with an IV-pic-line, a million other pills and spending thousands of dollars etc.)

There is such a difference in opinion in the medical community and not much knowledge about it "especially" out here on the West Coast. I do sometimes hesitate to talk about It or think I might be judged by those who only want to hear happy thoughts but since my journey was one incredible obstacle after another, and there was so much wasted time in-between. I think it is more important to bring awareness to this subject. I have seen and spoken to people that have been devastated and crippled by this disease and completely feel hopeless. What an education this has been and knowlege is something that should be shared.

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