Thursday, June 27, 2013

UNF Researchers Make Big Discovery About Lyme Disease

The belief that only black-legged “deer ticks” can transmit Lyme disease has been widely publicized for decades. Lyme disease risk has been calculated largely based upon the prevalence and infection rate of these “deer ticks. Clark’s findings, together with past studies implicating lone star ticks associated with Lyme disease, suggest otherwise.

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  2. My prayer for you is that you triumph over this! I have left a message before about Lyme and my good friend who had been struggling with it. We lost her last month at 52, she was such a brave lady. Finally unilateral
    Inguinal/groin infested her brain and the seizures finically took her. She (unlike you) went mis diagnosed for 7 years - more doctors.need to be educated about Lyme.

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  4. Lyme disease is a bacterial illness which is spread by tick bites. This disease can affect the joints, nerve system and heart. The ticks are brown in color and it looks like poppy seeds and these things make impossible to recognize them. To contract Lyme disease, an infected deer tick must have to bite you. The bacteria enter in your skin through the bite and make their way into your blood stream. If anyone suffering from this condition, he/ she can visit this site .