Saturday, March 26, 2011

Insight into our Local Medical Facilities

I just got some interesting insight into our local medical facilities about Lyme the other day. I was talking to a nurse practitioner and asked - why do the practitioners around here dismiss Lyme so easily when it is obvious that it's here. She said that's because it is not within their standard guidelines and they are told to not even go there. I said are you kidding me?

So people are left not having a clue what may be going on with them? She said people need to see a special doctor and we don't have the time for that. I said but you don't even offer that information. It can easily be treated if you catch it early enough and I know many local people that this has happened to and without early diagnosis treatment can run into the thousands of $$. - just unbelievable.

It doesn't matter where you live, if this is the general view and opinion of most clinics or doctors you need to be aware -because they are not going to be that helpful in most cases to a diagnosis or give you the treatment that you need, you really need to be vigilant.

I don't even want to imagine where I would be right now if I didn't get treatment. It was systematically going through my body affecting face with Bells Palsy, my thyroid, etc. not to mention the shear exhaustion and not being able to think, slurring words and not being able to complete a sentence and thinking that I had Meningitis.

A friend of mine just told me that a local doctor told her last year that some locals are "GRAND-STANDING" - totally dismissing the validity of Lyme in our community! (looks like that would be be)

I would be happy to say I will and am taking a stand and it will be GRAND !!! to help educate people about Lyme ... I can't tell you how many of my students after hearing my story have found out that they or a loved one has Lyme. I just wish instead of dismissing it they would consider the possibility. just nuts!!

Letter from Canada
I got told by my family doctor it was a very rare disease here in Canada. She hadn't seen a case before!!! I asked her if she had ever tested anyone for it... I expect you can guess the answer :( There are so very few doctors here who will treat it. Those that do get into all sorts of trouble. One doctor in the GTA has been told in no uncertain terms if he treats anyone else for lyme with anti'b's for more than 2 months he will be struck off as this is not standard practice. How do you fight the system to get the treatment you need?

My response
That has happened to many doctors especially on the East Coast. Treatment and doctors almost seems to be underground due to the standard guidelines. It has a lot to do with politics, insurance companies etc. a good movie to understand why it is that way is to watch the movie Under Our Skin

When I finally got the right test, I asked the lab director how do I find a doctor that knows what he's doing, his response was. Find one that treats well beyond standard treatment guidelines and uses integrative medicine....I could have cared less..I thought it would be a quick fix a couple of months at the most. Only to find out that I wasn't any better a couple of months into treatment and if I would have stopped - I would have still been dreadfully ill. It took 1 1/2 year of oral antibiotics and 6 months of a pic line - it took a total of 3 years to really get my energy back and I still worry about it sometimes. My body has now finally recognized that I have a problem and I do all I can to support my immune system as much as possible to be able to fight this thing.

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