Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 Testing results

What should I make of this? I just had a set of extensive testing done through IGENEX (a full panel and full co-infection test) fortunately the positives in my test from 2008 were now negative meaning, I am not showing Babesia right now (co-infection) and the Lyme marker that initiated the treatments are also negative. The unfortunate thing is that other markers are now positive, (instead of everything being clear) what this seems to mean is that my body is at least now starting to recognize that I have or had a problem and is making antibodies (which is a good thing). So the prognosis is that I need to be vigilant in my awareness of my body and not ignore any potential signs of activity.

It is not surprising to have these new positive results in my testing, because my CD57 is so low at 14 (should be 60-360) but the odd thing is that many other people that have much higher CD57 (considered in the normal range) are much much worse than I am, and I am doing GREAT, have energy, can complete a sentence, good memory, body feels good etc. You would never know I had Lyme unless I mention it, and that is why I talk about it.

The potential affects of this debilitating disease or so great, even fatal, you have to be diligent in finding the problem and about your recovery.

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