Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good thing I am not in Pasadena

It was a good thing that I canceled my trip to the Pasadena trade show
I got the CD57 tests back - they better ..I had them an hour apart and got two different results
one came back at 40 that was taken at 1:33pm and the other at 67 taken at 2:40pm (I was at 19) in both cases the numbers are better but the difference doesn't make any sense. This is suppose to be a cell marker and should be affected by the time of day or if I have eaten - we are looking more into it. In any case it is better and I do feel some relief.

The big problem right now is that I still have my picc-line and am not on antibiotics right now due to liver enzymes being elevated. On Monday I had a dressing change, we have only been using one kind of cleaning solution and this time they used two almost immediately my are started itching, I thought perhaps since it was a new dressing. but it was an allergic reaction- and most likely from the solution- it has been getting gradually worse as the week has gone on we decided to pull the picc-line to give my liver and arm a break.

So I made an appointment to have it pulled out and went to the hospital but the nurse never showed up, no one could find her, no answer to pages or calls and no one else could remove it - no ER doc's or nurses, the intensive care nurses were freaked and didn't want to touch it, almost the same thing happened last time and it just got worse from there on until the reaction became systemic (and this is happening when things are going well). I considered going to the next county but I didn't know if that would be any better - it didn't seem to make a I will have to go back to the hospital tomorrow.
I was just in tears - I am tough and handle it just fine until I see that no one knows what to do or where any one is - then I get overloaded and break down. It is suppose to be easy to remove but the big deal is to make sure that the whole line comes out intact. Good thing I am not in Pasadena.

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