Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a long healing process

To look at me you wouldn't think anything is wrong, this is typical for many Lymes patients.

It is now hard to remember what feeling good is like. When I wake in the morning I think I might be getting better and plan for my day - then around 10-11am I still need to lay down or take a nap for a few hours this is so unlike me. I use to get up at 3:00 am in the morning to start work creating my DVDs or painting, then from 6-10am I would do my morning chores then paint again for the rest of the day. This all feels so foreign to have had to slow down so much, I realize I am lucky and am doing amazingly well for having such a low CD57 count I could be in much worse shape.

I felt better before I started the antibiotics, until the next big thing happened but this is all typical part of the healing process.


  1. Hi Birgit!
    I'm dealing with Lyme for the second time. The first time I had it, I also struggled (for a few years) to manage my fatigue and pain. It wasn't for about 9 months that symptoms appeared, and I began treatment. By then it had made its way into my musculoskelital system. I was never diagnosed with Lyme, but the symptoms and treatment point in that direction.
    I made a major shift in lifestyle, then began feeling better than ever! There is hope!!
    I found yoga was extremely helpful - but don't over due! Simple stretches really helped to keep my muscles from being so tight and painful. Also, not to state the obvious, but nutrition is huge. Make sure you are eating well, fresh fruits and veggies.
    Vitamins (the B's are really important for nerve health, which can certainly be effected by Lyme, as this round has proven to me).
    Get support from friends and family, it's exhausting going it alone.
    This time around I got the bulls eye, and was treated within a week. I did however, suffer with an extreme headache, and then my face started twitching. I now have partial paralisis (bell's palsy) and am being treated with prednisone and antibiotics.
    Ugh, as I sip my coffee through a straw, I try and stay positive, that I too, am really lucky to have caught it so early!
    Although it is frustrating for active people to have to slow down so much, it is very important. USe this as an opportunity to look at things in a new way - it may inspire your work as a painter!
    Best wishes for continued recovery!
    Ann LaGoy

  2. Dear Ann
    Thank you for your comment as you I can completely relate, I am going to start Yoga soon after my next workshop. I have to try to make a money again since as you know it is such a financial drain since insurance only covers such a small amount and everything else is out of your pocket- but there is no other choice it all has to be done. That is why it is important to catch it early.

    Length of time to Diagnosis Average cost
    Less than 6 months $ 34,000
    7-12 months $ 68,000
    More than 12 months $ 92,000

    Yes to really making a change to nutrition even thought I already thought I ate healthy, increased the B vitamins along with other immune building vitamins B L D Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    B L D
    Vit C X X X 6000 mg daily
    Floristor 1 1 1
    Arteisinum 2 2 2
    Adrenacort 1
    Immunit-y 1
    R-Lipoic Acid 2 2
    Nac 1 1
    Magnisium 2 2
    dHEA 1
    Vital adapt 60 drops a day
    Probiotics VSL#3 900 billion a day 2 pack twice a day
    ...and always adding something else here and there along with the oral antibiotics Azithro & Mepron for the co infection and the IV antibiotic twice a day 4 days on 3 off.