Thursday, May 7, 2009

Starting to Herx

I got my picc-line last week and am starting to get use to giving myself the infusions and see what my limitations are. I am giving myself a little down time for the moment so I can try to heal.

I have been having the Herx reaction (which is what I expected). I have energy from about 7-11am - then I am down for the count. This totally sucks, I have plans of what I am going to do for the day, thinking that I am going into the studio ....but I never seem to make it....I am lucky if I can take my meds, take a shower without getting the bandages wet, wash the dishes, light house keeping, then I am down for the count again.

I figured this was going to happen and that was why I wanted give myself a couple of weeks, and see how the die-off goes before I made new commitments. One minute I am fine, usually from 7-11am I am thinking no big deal - I can take on the world, but at 11:30 everything changes, meaning headaches, large muscle and joint pain, fatigue etc - this is all a good sign, the IV meds are doing their job. The problem with the Herx, is that it goes in cycles every 3-4 weeks and the reaction can last 1-3 weeks itself, when I was really bad in Nov / Dec I had more bad days than good.

Many people once the start reciveing treatment for Lymes (oral or IV) want to stop the treatment due to the fact that the healing process is so tough the herx reaction brings back many of the original symptoms, is also called the Healing Crisis and the trick is not to give up. " Herxing" events have even been likened to an "exorcism" that is "a necessary evil to be endured."
Wow - it has been 3 1/2 weeks since I have started the IV therapy ..and I really feel horrible . I thought this Herx reaction would be only for a couple of days but from my last ones knew this could happen.

I go between wondering if I am just lazy or really not feeling well, I can't make it off the couch and am sleeping alot again. Mom just called and was complaining about the 90 degree heat, I told her I am wearing a down vest and am using a down blanket....well I guess that answers my question.

May 19 - today is a good day, I actually did a little painting - I am trying to find me again.

The Herx reaction

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